Savannah, Georgia. Savannah History Museum.

Forest Gump's famous bench.


Teachers give students something to instill in others that will help them find the purpose of learning. I know that teachers are not doctors, as the quote references, but I think of the two similarly.

While doctors find ways to SAVE lives, teachers help FIND reasons to live.

"Hello, my name is Mr. Maggard. I am a graduate of Texas State University with a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts in Theatre Education. My passion for theatre arts started when I was in middle school and has since evolved into a love of teaching and sharing the art. I have spent lots of time on stage, backstage, and directing. Just a few of my favorite shows I have worked include Medea, The Lottery, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. I have also had the pleasure of working with the Alley Theatre through the Alley Play Makers and Hype Roadshow.

I enjoy teaching the history of theatre and providing the opportunity to explore all that the art has to offer. Through challenging my students to work hard, think critically, and be themselves my hope is that they will learn these values and implement them not only to theatre but to all aspects of their life. I strive to show my students that I also work hard and often ponder in order to provide them everything I am capable of to enrich their theatre arts experience."